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Buying real estate in Lexington KY and surrounding counties needs a plan

The “Right” home begins with a PLAN

Buyers consistently report they want to find the “right” home which can mean location, style, size, floor plan, and any other thing that allows the home to fulfill the dreams they have.  However, no matter how “Right” the home is, it will never have the buyer’s address if financing isn’t obtained.

The Plan begins with the buyer being pre-approved early in the buying process which will not only reveal the amount that can be borrowed but will give the buyer bargaining power with the seller of the “right” home.  Determinations on loan choices and concessions should be made prior to looking at homes and definitely prior to writing a contract.  These are items that are negotiated in the contract and will contribute to making it the “right” home.

Buying a home in Lexington, Kentucky when real estate is definitely a buyers market makes everything even more exciting for the buyer but one of most important things about looking for a home is making sure you are comfortable with the monthly payment on the house.  I will not only help you get a home but make sure that you will be getting the best interest rate for the home by providing you with names of reputable professionals on the financing side of buying a home.

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