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Have you heard about the market in Lexington KY and Surrounding Areas?

What’s the market doing or are things picking up is a frequently asked question today.  And yes, it is and has been over the last year.  We have had 12 months of consecutive increase in existing home sales and new construction.  This is a sign that you will need to grasp and get off the fence.  The sales are doing nothing but increasing and that means that interest rates will start increasing too.  I’m not trying to play a scare tactic I’m just trying to helpStatistics from Lexington KY Real Estate you not be the individual of yesterday and say “if only I would have listened to my Realtor®”

I heard a speaker say that real estate is like driving down the road with mud on the windshield and the only way that we can know where we are going is by the view (data) in the mirror (past).  And with the data that I’m sharing is the data up until Oct. 2012 but some numbers are in from the month of Nov. and sales are up 22% from last Nov. 2011.

That data is strictly on the local level but I’ll show you that it’s not only in the local market that we are seeing a change but we are seeing it on a national level too.  With all of this being said , “We are not any where close to 2005-06 prices and not sure if we will ever get back there.  But we are showing nothing but positive steps toward that direction.

Here are some slides to show you where we are and where things are going

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