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Why it’s time to buy real estate in Lexington Kentucky NOW!

Are you or do you know someone that is sitting on the fence on buying real estate in Lexington or the surrounding counties in Central KY?  I have worked with several buyers that have asked me, “Do you think that the market has hit bottom?”  I don’t know the if the real estate market has hit bottom yet but what I can tell you is in my opinion the rates are getting close to the bottom.  Above is a REAL example of someone waiting to purchase a house to see if the real estate market is going to get lower.

If interest rates were to go up just 3/4 of a point your payment on the same house would go up almost $55 a month and you thought you would get a great deal.  Now you have not only bought the house for below the market value but you have increased your payment by waiting on the getting the house under market value.  Simply by waiting to try to get a good deal interest rates just changed slightly and now has cost you almost $5,000 in 5 yrs on the same house that was higher but interest rates were lower.

Interest rates plays a huge part in buying a home and that is why you need a professional on your side.  Not only to make sure that you get the best deal on the house under the terms that you are comfortable with but makes sure that your finances are in order to get the best rate as possible.

Who is ready to get off the fence and start to look for your new home?

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